Zanzibar Honeymoon Photos

Natelee Cocks

As you might already know, Natelee our other main photographer at ZaraZoo tied the knot in January at Festa in Wellington – Have a look at her wedding photos done by Yolande Marx.

Natelee and Barry already had their house sorted out, so instead they opted for a honeymoon registry whereby guests could contribute and pay the way to an exotic honeymoon in Zanzibar – what a cool idea!

Zanzibar is only a short 3-hour flight from Johannesburg, now an established route operated by Mango Airlines – Yes paradise is just a short trip in an orange jet away!

You know that you’re a real photographer when you carry a camera with you, always, even on your honeymoon…  Natelee did just that and here is a collection of the beautiful photos she took during their 8 days on the Island of Zanzibar.  Read her own recollection of the trip in the next column.

Fantastic Photos by a very talented photographer – my point of view.

“Out of the 8 days there, for 6 of the days, we literally just chilled at the hotel around the swimming pool – quite a nice change from sitting in front of Lightroom for 8 hours a day!

On the 2 other days we explored the island with The Rock, a restaurant (complete with WIFI) on a very small island being the highlight.  We also did a spice tour, took a boat to Prison Island where we saw some giant tortoises and strolled through Stone Town, the only functioning ancient African town in the world.

We also joined another honeymoon couple for a fantastic snorkeling experience – stunning!  What struck me was the big difference in high and low tides with the sea retreating for a kilometer or more and local women flocking to collect seafood and octopus during low tide.

Hotel Tip for Zanzibar – Make sure you get the best beach and swimming pool spot by getting up early each morning to “book” your chairs by placing an item like flip flops or towels on them – never mind you only returning 3 hours later – its booked!

Hope you enjoy the photos!”

Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_040 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_041 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_044 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_045 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_046 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_047 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_048Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_049  Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_050 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_051 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_052 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_053 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_054 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_055 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_058 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_059 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_060 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_061 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_062 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_063 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_064 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_065 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_067 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_069 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_070 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_071 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_072 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_074 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_075 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_076 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_077 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_078 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_079 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_080 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_081 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_082Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_001 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_002 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_003 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_004 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_005 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_006 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_007 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_008 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_009 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_010 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_011 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_012 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_013Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_014 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_015 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_016 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_017 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_018 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_019 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_020Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_021 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_022 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_023 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_024 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_025Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_026 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_027 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_028 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_029 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_030 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_031 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_032Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_033 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_034 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_035 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_036 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_037 Honeymoon-in-Zanzibar_038


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