Wedding at Vrede en Lust Estate


Valerie & Johan’s wedding at Vrede & Lust Estate was our first of the season at this awesome Wine Farm wedding venue. The Estate is a working Wine Farm and produces some of the best wine in the region.

Photos by Jo-Lizna Botha & Laura da Paixao

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A Beautiful Vintage Wedding at Vrede en Lust Estate

Apart from our couple looking very classy, their two little kiddies also dressed in Vintage style, stole the show! Valerie wore an intricate French lace wedding gown, perfectly rounded off with a 1920’s style birdcage veil. She looked gorgeous! Johan sported a black custom-made Fabiani Suit.

To tie in with the Vintage themed wedding, an old Vintage VW Kombi photo booth was hired to entertain guests while the couple was whisked away for a private couple shoot on the grounds of Vrede en Lust.

It was a perfect day and guests partied into the night to celebrate a beautiful wedding.


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More Wedding Photos at Vrede & Lust, by ZaraZoo Photography:

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Vrede en Lust is a fantastic Wine Estate in Simondium, a small winelands village not to far from Franschhoek.  The Estate offers historic Cape Dutch architecture, expansive vineyards and majestic old oak trees.  The Reception hall is unique – a permanent tented structure with glass walls on 3 sides.


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