Wedding at Molenvliet

Kiki & Duma

Wedding at Molenvliet

Kiki & Duma’s wedding at Molenvliet in Stellenbosch was one of our first for the 2014/2015 wedding season.  We also covered Tieneke & Christiaan’s wedding at Brenaissance on the same day.

Molenvliet is one of our favourites and ranks very high in our Top 10 Wedding Venues in Cape Town.  Whenever there’s an enquiry with Molenvliet as venue choice, we go the extra mile to secure the booking as we just love shooting at this boutique wine farm in the Banhoek Valley.

Kiki & Duma have known each other since 2001 but only started dating in 2010.  Here is Kiki’s recollection of when they met.

If someone told me then that one day this would be my future husband – I would have called them a joker. We started dating 9 years later, and I couldn’t be more blessed. I have married my best friend, the most loving and understanding person I know. I sometimes find myself staring at him, and thinking to myself ‘you are that guy I met 13 years ago. You are that guy, I never ever thought I would fall in love with. But I am so blessed that our paths crossed and you are now my guy.

Day weddings like this one are a bit more tricky for photographers.  The ceremony normally ends around midday when the sun is at its harshest and to take couple photos at that time would be a sin.  The alternative is to take the photos after the reception at around 6pm, which we did in this case.  With this option the flowers and make-up might not look its best anymore, but with a backup bouquet and stylist on site, the bride and groom can look fresh and sparkly again in no time.  We were very lucky with fantastic soft light throughout the day and I think Natelee and team did a fantastic job!

Photos by Natelee Cocks, Jo-lizna Botha, Elandi Coetzee

Article written by Stefan Steenkamp

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Here is a brilliant video at Molenvliet by Vision on Fire of Kiki and Duma.

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