Vrede en Lust Wedding

Claire & Jason

Claire & Jason’s wedding at Vrede en Lust in Franschhoek was a ball!  So much fun and laughter – I love it when friends and family come to celebrate the day and let their hair down…

Jason is a Bergvliet old boy and Claire from the UK – Like so many other South Africans that go over to the UK to travel, Jason ended up staying on after he met Claire in London.

It was the first time that we set up the ZOO BOOTH at a wedding – yip a dedicated Photo Booth for guests to come and throw name away… hahahaha.  Let us know if you want to hire the ZOO BOOTH for your wedding…

Next post – Samantha & Roderick’s wedding also at Vrede en Lust.

Photos by Stefan Steenkamp & Laura Da Paixao

ZaraZoo_Vrede_en_Lust_001 ZaraZoo_Vrede_en_Lust_002 ZaraZoo_Vrede_en_Lust_003 ZaraZoo_Vrede_en_Lust_004 ZaraZoo_Vrede_en_Lust_005 ZaraZoo_Vrede_en_Lust_006 ZaraZoo_Vrede_en_Lust_007 ZaraZoo_Vrede_en_Lust_008 ZaraZoo_Vrede_en_Lust_009 ZaraZoo_Vrede_en_Lust_010 ZaraZoo_Vrede_en_Lust_011 ZaraZoo_Vrede_en_Lust_012 ZaraZoo_Vrede_en_Lust_013 ZaraZoo_Vrede_en_Lust_014 ZaraZoo_Vrede_en_Lust_015 ZaraZoo_Vrede_en_Lust_016 ZaraZoo_Vrede_en_Lust_017 ZaraZoo_Vrede_en_Lust_018 ZaraZoo_Vrede_en_Lust_019 ZaraZoo_Vrede_en_Lust_020 ZaraZoo_Vrede_en_Lust_021 ZaraZoo_Vrede_en_Lust_022 ZaraZoo_Vrede_en_Lust_023


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