Top Billing Wedding – Val de Vie


Class, Luxurious & elegant…  This is the perfect description for Luyanda & Siya’s Top Billing Wedding at Val de Vie.  It was a lavish affair, with trendy, stylish outfits, OTT hair-do’s, French Champagne, stiletto heels, sports cars and helicopters!  Our couple pulled all the stops to make their wedding unforgettable!

The day started off in style with the arrival of Siya and the boys. Their chartered helicopter landed in the middle of the Polo estate, dropping off 6 very smartly dressed men.  The 5 groomsmen sported navy blue suits by Grant of Frank Bespoke and Siya looked very dapper in his navy tux with a black velvet lapel, back bowtie and black pants.

Luyanda and the girls got ready at a luxury villa at Val de Vie.  I knew that this was going to be an extravagant wedding when I got to the house where 3 hair stylists and make-up artists from Embelesh as well as no fewer than 10 camera crew, producers, sound guys and what not were already busy styling and capturing the preps.

Luyanda followed trend by having two dresses, both designed by Gert-Johan Coetzee.

The first dress, the ceremony dress, was a mermaid style dress which was elegant but with modern touches. Gert used delicate lace to give it a really feminine feel. The bottom was dramatic which is exactly what we wanted for a grand entrance. He then also added a gorgeous long veil. The reception dress was a lot more modern and sleek. It was a figure hugging gown with a little bit of drama at the bottom as it opens up to give a champagne flute effect as it hits the floor.

It was an outdoor ceremony, held in the courtyard next to the grand ballroom.  Our couple exchanged vows in front of 180 of their closest friends and family in a beautiful ceremony on a perfect blue-skied day.  Finding a good shot was a bit tricky, as we had to compete with the Top Billing and Video crew, so you might see the odd camera man in shot, but I think we did well to dodge the most of them.

After the ceremony, guests were ushered to the Polo Pavillion where Veuve Clicquot Champagne was served along with the most sumptuous canapés and treats.  To top it, our couple arranged for a Polo match to be played as entertainment for guests!

The Grand Ballroom at Val de Vie was decorated in style by Okasie.  The Classic & Elegant theme that Luyanda envisaged came to life when the party started as the bridal party made their dancing entrances.  After speeches and formalities, guests yet again moved to another venue at Val de Vie for the “After Party”.  What a fantastic way to celebrate a marriage!

Photos by Stefan Steenkamp & Laura da Paixao & Lilani Carinus



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