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Part 2

For most people, when the words “Wedding Photos” are mentioned, the beautiful couple photos of the bride and groom springs to mind…  But that is only a small part of the wedding day – we have plenty of advice for the rest of the day as well – so let’s start at the beginning.

In Part 2 of our series on Top tips for your wedding photos, we focus on the bridal preparations and family wedding photos.  These two sections are of equal importance to the couple shoot, but is often overlooked.

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by Stefan Steenkamp

Family Wedding Photos

  1. Realistically this takes about 20 minutes if well planned – if not, you can waste up to an hour!
  2. Compile a list of max 10 family and group photos.  Don’t think you’ll do it on the wedding day!  Grab a glass of wine with your fiancé and jot them down a week before the wedding.   More than 10 photos, that is a waste – you will never put them all in your album.  Aunt Betty will only be mad for a day or two if she’s left out  – Rather have more time for your couple photos and to mingle with guests at the pre-drinks.Family Wedding Photo Ideas
  3. Do something different – standing in a line is so 70′s!  Get a couch out on the lawn or set people up around a prop to get a creative feel to it.
  4. If your photographer is good, he’ll ask those wearing glasses to take them off to avoid reflections from the lighting and the sun.  If not, then you can prompt them to get rid of those lenses.
  5. Watch out for women clutching handbags and purses – rather get rid of them totally – but again, this is something the photographer should spot.Family Wedding Photos by ZaraZoo
  6. Make sure you are happy with the background – these family wedding photos will potentially stick around for 50 years on mantelpieces and the homes of family members, so its best you take a moment to agree with the backdrop before it haunts you for a lifetime!


Bridal Preparation Photos:

  1. Make sure your preparations venue is air-conditioned and gets lots of natural light.  Getting ready in a luxury environment does something for the soul. So spend the extra few bucks and book yourself into a 5-star room for the preps – it is your wedding day after all.  Preparation photos taken in a posh room will make you look like royalty!
  2. Champagne makes you sweat – drink some while your hair is being done, but keep the consumption down while the make-up is done.  You’ll have plenty of opportunities to sip some bubbly later.Bridal Preparations Wedding Photos
  3. Do not take calming medication that you have not taken before.  The last thing you want to happen is to break out in a rash, feel groggy or to react in a strange way.
  4. Make sure the photographer starts 2 hours before the ceremony.  This will give him enough time to take snaps of all the bits & bobs, your dress, jewelry, shoes as well as some portraits of you and the girls.
  5. Get your mom and bridesmaids to be made-up, dressed and ready before you.  This will ensure them looking their best in the photos as well.  Just imagine your precious photos featuring a bridesmaid in curlers and tracksuit pants – a big no-no!Bridal Portraits Wedding Photography
  6. Declutter! Ask the Bridesmaids to tidy the room before you get into your dress – a less cluttered room without the GHD on the bed, towels on the floor, bags and boxes scattered around – surely that is not what you want for your prep photos.
  7. Mock the Make-up shots – you will never use the photos of a half made-up face – you need to look your best!
  8. Be ready 1 hour before the ceremony (without traveling time) for bridal portraits.  Do some photos indoors, unless it is cool enough to go out.  The last thing you want is make-up running off your face before you walk down the aisle.


Other Wedding Photography Tips by ZaraZoo

Follow the links below to the other two posts in this 3-part series. This covers the full A to Z of getting to look your best in your wedding photos!


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