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In our books, Strandkombuis is definitely one of the top 10 wedding venues in the Western Cape.  Having covered well over a dozen weddings here, there are few other photographers that know the grounds and surrounds better than the ZaraZoo team.

The venue is situated on one of the longest stretches of beach in South Africa and lends the perfect setting for an informal beach wedding.  The outdoor, open-air beach ceremony is still my number one.  Just think about it… barefoot on the beach; looking deep into the eyes of your life partner; saying your vows while being cooled down by the fresh sea breeze!  I cannot think of a better way to get married.

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Strandkombuis Venue Photos by ZaraZoo

strandkombuis venue Wedding at Strandkombuis_008 Wedding at Strandkombuis_040 strandkombuis wedding venue Wedding at Strandkombuis_045 Wedding at Strandkombuis_047Strandkombuis Beach Wedding Venue

And for your reception, the open-air West Coast seafood restaurant on top of the dunes has an amazing vista of the white beach snaking around the coast and faces directly west, giving you a grandstand seat for the spectacular golden sunsets over the sea.  The food…wow…barbequed snoek and hake, mussels, freshly baked farm bread with butter, crayfish and calamari… Oooh, I cannot wait for my next wedding there!

The added bonus with Strandkombuis is that it offers ample accommodation for the main bridal party and guests.  This means no holding back with the celebrations… the way it should be!

Wedding at Strandkombuis_049 Wedding at Strandkombuis_052

Wedding at Strandkombuis_053 Wedding at Strandkombuis_056 Wedding at Strandkombuis_057 Wedding at Strandkombuis_058 Wedding at Strandkombuis_059 Wedding at Strandkombuis_060 Wedding at Strandkombuis_061 Wedding at Strandkombuis_062 Wedding at Strandkombuis_063
Wedding at Strandkombuis_067 Wedding at Strandkombuis_068 Wedding at Strandkombuis_069 Wedding at Strandkombuis_070 Wedding at Strandkombuis_071 Wedding at Strandkombuis_073 Wedding at Strandkombuis_074 Wedding at Strandkombuis_077 Wedding at Strandkombuis_079 Wedding at Strandkombuis_082 Wedding at Strandkombuis_083 Wedding at Strandkombuis_090 Wedding at Strandkombuis_092 Wedding at Strandkombuis_093 Wedding at Strandkombuis_096 Wedding at Strandkombuis_098 Wedding at Strandkombuis_101 Wedding at Strandkombuis_102 Wedding at Strandkombuis_105 Wedding at Strandkombuis_106
Wedding at Strandkombuis_113 Wedding at Strandkombuis_114 Wedding at Strandkombuis_115 Wedding at Strandkombuis_119


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