Strand Beach Couple Photos

Strand Beach

My job as a Cape Town Photographer must be one of the most fulfilling out there!   I get to work with happy, smiley people;  shoot at the most amazing locations and give outing to my creative juices on a daily basis – man this job does not feel like work!!!

Just take Ope & Abe’s E-session at the beach at Strand – these two were an absolute joy to work with – then the location – I bet you most people look upon my “office” with envy!   And now that I have edited and blogged the photos I have a feeling of content and satisfaction; for I have created something lasting – a positive addition to this world!

As part of our Platinum Wedding Photography Package, we include a pre-wedding photo shoot – called an E-session.   Why???  Well, we believe that this shoot not only helps you to get used to the camera, but it also helps us to get to know you better – and off course see which angles make you look best!!  Contact us for our packages.

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