Wedding of the Year – Part II


Wedding of the Year Part II

So, here’s the reason why this is called the “Wedding of the Year”! A 900 sq meter transparent marquee, exquisitely decorated by Foci Function Concepts! All I can say is Wow!

But let’s not take away the shine from Nwabisa who looked every bit like royalty in her amazing dress that was created by Kobus Dippenaar Atelier. I must say, Mikky you didn’t look too bad yourself!

We hope you have a wonderful marriage and thank you for giving us the opportunity to cover your jaw-dropping wedding at Webersburg.

See Part 1 of this wedding, which includes the Preparations, the Ceremony and the Pre-Drinks.

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The Details

Venue: Webersburg Hiring: Cozi Hire - Transparent Marquee
Live Music: Lindiwe Suttle Flowers: Foci Function Concepts
Dress: Kobus Dippenaar Make-up: Brush Strokes
Cake: Roxy Floquet Coordinator: Wedding Concepts