Wedding of the Year – Part II


Wedding of the Year Part II

So this is the reason why this is called Wedding of the Year! A 900 sq meter transparent marquee, exquisitely decorated by Foci Function Concepts! All I can say is Wow!

But let’s not take away all the shine from Nwabisa that looked every bit like royalty in her amazing dress that was created by Kobus Dippenaar Atelier. I must say, Mikky you did not look too bad yourself! Enjoy married life guys – Thx for the opportunity to cover your awesome wedding!

See Part 1 of this wedding (preparations, ceremony and pre-drinks)

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The Details

Venue: Webersburg Hiring: Cozi Hire - Transparent Marquee
Live Music: Lindiwe Suttle Flowers: Foci Function Concepts
Dress: Kobus Dippenaar Make-up: Brush Strokes
Cake: Roxy Floquet Coordinator: Wedding Concepts