We’ve been around since 2003 and we thought we’d share with you all the wedding photography tips and advice that we have acquired over the years.

Every time we cover a wedding, we learn something new.  On this page you will find a host of articles that discuss various topics in and around wedding planning, wedding photography and videography.

Find out what questions to ask your photographer; get advice and tips on how to pose; read our reviews of some of the best venues in South Africa and so much more.

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Tips & Advice Articles:

Wedding Photography Tips and Advice


Step by step guide of how to book your wedding photographer

  1. Browse through Instagram to find the style of wedding photography you like
  2. Visit the websites of these photographers
  3. Make sure you look through a whole wedding. Most photographers have a few great photos.  Make sure the coverage of the whole wedding is to the standard that you would expect.
  4. Enquire with at least 4 photographers you like and compare their packages
  5. Arrange a Zoom or Skype meeting with your top 2 to 3 and see who suits your personality best.  Remember, your photographer will spend most of the day with you and it is so important that you get along with him / her.
  6. It is important to remember that your wedding photos and video will be the only concrete memories you have of your wedding day.  Rather spend a bit more to make sure you get the absolute best photographer to Capture your wedding.

Most of you that land on this page will have no experience of getting married.  Make sure you educate yourself by reading the wedding photography tips and advice articles on this page so that you can have a well informed conversation with your potential vendors.

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