Wedding Videographers are often the last vendor on the list when it comes to planning your wedding.  But this valuable service is ofter underestimated!  Your wedding film and photos helps to bring back those lovely, romantic moments when the memory fades.  It is only then that the real value is realised!

Based in Cape Town, ZaraZoo Cine is are wedding videographers  that specialise in making timeless and beautiful wedding films.  Have a look at our Youtube Channel

Whether you are looking for a short highlights clip of your wedding day, an extended version where you can watch the full ceremony or speeches of if it is just the live streaming service of your wedding that you are looking for, ZaraZoo Cine has a service to fill your needs.

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Wedding Videography in Cape Town

ZaraZoo has been in the wedding game since 2003.  The company was started in London and in 2007 we relocated to sunny Cape Town, South Africa.

Our team has vast experience of covering weddings around the world.  Not only have we worked with a variety of cultural groups, but we are also experienced in covering weddings of most religious groups, including Christian, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist and other.

Our service includes the capturing of your day with multiple cameras as well as arial photography and drone photography and video.

If you are in the process of planning your wedding and are considering a wedding videographer, then you might also want to look at South Africa’s leading Wedding Directory, Pink Book Weddings.  Here you will find a host of wedding videographers local to your wedding location and you can also filter the vendors down by your budget for videography.

Apart from Video, ZaraZoo can also cover your wedding photography.  The benefit of having one team to handle both your photos and your video cannot be ignored.  The team will not step on each others toes and you only have one company to deal with!




Live Streaming Your Wedding:


Apart from just capturing your wedding or event, we can also live stream it to your guest that cannot attend. Platforms like Youtube Live Streaming and Facebook live Streaming now allows for people to attend your event or conference from a remote location.  But apart from the remote attendance benefit, a live video of your event can also save you on the cost of of venue hire.  You can now hire a smaller auditorium and let most of your delegates and guest attend the conference online.

Our specialised team of live streaming video professionals can combine footage from multiple cameras and mix it into a seamless video feed that can then be broadcasted live on online streaming platforms like Youtube and Facebook.



Some of our most recent videos: