Greek Wedding in Bloemfontein

Kiepersol Rant

Chris and Angelique’s wedding at Kiepersol Rant in Bloemfontein took place on probably the most popular wedding date of last year – 17 Dec!

Meyer & Rene, SA photographers, based in London covered this one for us.  Meyer was one of the first photographers to work for ZaraZoo when we started our business in London in 2003.   When we left London in 2006, Meyer and his wife, Rene, started their own photography business that has since become one of the leading photography studios in the UK.

Greek weddings – never a dull moment!   So much laughter, traditions, the emotions, the dancing and of course – lots and lots of plates being broken!

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Photos by Meyer & Rene Pieterse, on behalf of ZaraZoo

Greek Wedding in Bloemfontein

Bloemfontein_Wedding_Photos003 Bloemfontein_Wedding_Photos004 Bloemfontein_Wedding_Photos005 Bloemfontein_Wedding_Photos006 Bloemfontein_Wedding_Photos007 Greek Wedding Ceremony Bloemfontein_Wedding_Photos009 Bloemfontein_Wedding_Photos010 Bloemfontein_Wedding_Photos011 Bloemfontein_Wedding_Photos012 Greek Wedding in BloemfonteinBloemfontein_Wedding_Photos001 Bloemfontein_Wedding_Photos002Bloemfontein_Wedding_Photos014 Bloemfontein_Wedding_Photos015 Bloemfontein_Wedding_Photos016Greek Wedding Dancing


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