Wedding of the Year I


Webersburg in Stellenbosch was the venue for the most talked about wedding of the season: The marriage of Mikky & Nwabisa!

One of South Africa’s top wedding coordination outfits, Wedding Concepts, was hired to realise Nwabisa’s fairytale wedding – wow – I think they exceeded all expectations! With 35 000 roses, a 900 sq meter glass marquee, free-flowing French Champagne, 360 high profile guests, Bentleys, Ferrari’s and Maserati’s – this wedding is a clear favourite to be touted as “Best Wedding of the Year 2010″!

Keep an eye on the blog to see Part 2 of this lavish wedding.

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Webersburg Wine Estate near Stellenbosch is one of the top wedding venues in the Western Cape. Apart from its very spacious purpose built wedding facilities, it also offers accommodation for the main wedding party in the Manor House, plenty of ceremony and reception options on the expansive grounds, as well as state of the art in-house catering facilities.

Part 2 of “The Wedding of the Year” will be posted tomorrow, so keep an eye on the blog!


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The Details

Venue: Webersburg Hiring: Cozi Hire - Transparent Marquee
Live Music: Lindiwe Suttle Flowers: Foci Function Concepts
Dress: Kobus Dippenaar Make-up: Brush Strokes
Cake: Roxy Floquet Coordinator: Wedding Concepts


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