Best Cape Town Couple Photo locations – Part 3

Cape Winelands & Nature

Best Cape Town Couple Photo Locations – Part 3

This is the 3rd post in our 3-part series that highlights the best Cape town Couple photo locations.  In Part 1 we listed the top 5 beach locations and in part 2 we explored city and urban areas in and around the Mother City.

In this post, we reveal the most awesome Cape Winelands and Nature Spots, all within a 30 minute drive of Cape Town.

1.  Signal Hill – Cape Town

Signal Hill, the flat-topped hill located in Cape Town, next to Lion’s Head and Table Mountain is one of the most amazing spots for doing a couple photo shoot.  The name of the hill stems from the days where there was no satellite communication, telephones or even radio signals – Boats approaching Table Bay were given weather information and anchoring instructions by means of different coloured flags that were hoisted on top of this high point that has a 270 degree vantage of the ocean.  The hill is also the home of the Noon Gun that is fired every day to signal 12 o’clock midday.

Apart from the beautiful views over the ocean and the city of Cape town below, there is also a fantastic, unobstructed view of Table Mountain.  When it comes to romantic sunset locations, this is my number one!  Take your couple on a chilled stroll along the forest foot paths and watch their love unfold as the sun is swallowed by the ocean.

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Where-to-take-couple-photos-in-Cape-Town Where-to-take-couple-photos-in-Cape-Town Where-to-take-couple-photos-in-Cape-Town Where-to-take-couple-photos-in-Cape-Town Where-to-take-couple-photos-in-Cape-Town Where-to-take-couple-photos-in-Cape-Town Where-to-take-couple-photos-in-Cape-Town Where-to-take-couple-photos-in-Cape-TownWhere-to-take-couple-photos-in-Cape-TownWhere-to-take-couple-photos-in-Cape-TownWhere-to-take-couple-photos-in-Cape-Town Where-to-take-couple-photos-in-Cape-Town Where-to-take-couple-photos-in-Cape-TownWhere-to-take-couple-photos-in-Cape-Town

2.  Lourensford

Lourensford Estate in Somerset West is Laurent is the biggest privately owned wine farm in South Africa. It is set on the foot of the Helderberg mountains and has everything that you would expect from a classic South African Wine farm.  It has the vineyards, the dams and the beautiful vistas over false bay.

Why not try this – Take your couple for a relaxed Saturday / Sunday morning at the Lourensford Harvest Market or maybe do some wine tasting…  then go explore the beautiful scenery on the estate. Access to certain parts of the farm is restricted and should you wish to utilise these parts, you might have to get a permit from the Aleit Group that runs the function facilities on site.  If you manage to get past the red tape, then take your couple up to the dam with the Jetty.  This location reminds me of a scene from Lord of the Rings – a truly unique setting for some fantastic couple photos!

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Where-to-take-couple-photos-in-Cape-TownWhere-to-take-couple-photos-in-Cape-TownWhere-to-take-couple-photos-in-Cape-Town Where-to-take-couple-photos-in-Cape-Town Where-to-take-couple-photos-in-Cape-Town Where-to-take-couple-photos-in-Cape-Town


3.  Triggerfish – Strand

Craft beer has sky rocketed in popularity in the past 3 years.   The Triggerfish Brewery in Strand is a perfect example of South African craft beer brewing, also one of the first in the Western Cape.  They produce a variety of 9 craft beers that can be tasted and enjoyed in a stunning rustic restaurant / bar attached to the brewery.  But this is not a place you’ll see from the main road!  It is hidden away in a vast industrial estate that used to be an old chemical factory.

Since the big corporate has moved out, a number of creative industries has moved into the estate that is littered with mid 50’s style industrial buildings, set few and far between.  Grassland and trees separate the buildings.

So, take your couple beer tasting and to get past the nerves and then go and have fun in this stunning setting.

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Where-to-take-couple-photos-in-Cape-Town Where-to-take-couple-photos-in-Cape-Town Where-to-take-couple-photos-in-Cape-Town Where-to-take-couple-photos-in-Cape-Town Where-to-take-couple-photos-in-Cape-Town couple-photos-in-cape-town-part-3_037 couple-photos-in-cape-town-part-3_038 couple-photos-in-cape-town-part-3_039couple-photos-in-cape-town-part-3_040 couple-photos-in-cape-town-part-3_041 couple-photos-in-cape-town-part-3_042couple-photos-in-cape-town-part-3_043 couple-photos-in-cape-town-part-3_044 couple-photos-in-cape-town-part-3_045

4.  Babylonstoren – Paarl

Owned by Koos Bekker, the chairman of Media 24, this estate is one of the jewels and must visit spots in the Cape Winelands. Back in the day of the Dutch colonization, the gardens of  Babylonstoren used to supply fresh produce in vegetables and live stock to ships as they docked at Table Bay.  Today, these gardens have been beautifully restored to its former glory.

You name a fruit or vegetable or herb and they will have it in these expansive gardens.  Inbetween the orchards and herb gardens are lovely geometric paths  that you can stroll through with your couple.  Make your way through the garden to the far end where you will find the Glass Conservatory that serves the most delicious gourmet sandwiches!  On the way back to the homestead, pass through the “wooden snake” that houses all the types of berries you can think of!  Stop at the little stream under the oaks for a few more romantic snaps.

Trust me – a day out at Babylonstoren will give you the most amazing couple photos![/one_half]

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couple-photos-in-cape-town-part-3_054couple-photos-in-cape-town-part-3_0101 couple-photos-in-cape-town-part-3_051 couple-photos-in-cape-town-part-3_049couple-photos-in-cape-town-part-3_0105couple-photos-in-cape-town-part-3_0106 couple-photos-in-cape-town-part-3_050 couple-photos-in-cape-town-part-3_053 couple-photos-in-cape-town-part-3_0102 couple-photos-in-cape-town-part-3_0103 couple-photos-in-cape-town-part-3_0104 couple-photos-in-cape-town-part-3_052

5.  Hidden Valley

Another fantastic Wine Estate to use for Couple Photos is Hidden Valley.  This working farm produces quality wines and olive products and is the home of one of South Africa’s top Restaurants, Overture.  It is the home and playground of renowned SA chef, Bertus Basson.

From the balcony of this fine dining eatery you can see across the whole of the Stellenbosch valley, all the way to Cape Town.  This is another unbelievably beautiful sunset spot – with the big fire ball setting behind table mountain.

Here’s an idea – Take your couple or a romantic shoot in the manicured gardens and vineyards or a stroll between the Olive groves – then end of the evening with a romantic sunset and dinner at Overture!

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Where-to-take-couple-photos-in-Cape-Town Where-to-take-couple-photos-in-Cape-Town Where-to-take-couple-photos-in-Cape-Town Where-to-take-couple-photos-in-Cape-TownWhere-to-take-couple-photos-in-Cape-Town Where-to-take-couple-photos-in-Cape-Town Where-to-take-couple-photos-in-Cape-TownWhere-to-take-couple-photos-in-Cape-Town Where-to-take-couple-photos-in-Cape-Town

6.  Canola Fields – Durbanville

During the month of August, the rolling hills surrounding the winelands town of Durbanville is painted bright yellow when the Canola fields are in bloom.  So if you are looking for lush green and yellow fields with blue sky then look no further.

Take a pair of gumboots with as you might encounter a bit of mud here and there.  August is one of the wettest months in Cape Town after all.  To be on the safe side, make sure you ask to enter the property – nobody wants to be chased off a farm by an angry farmer with a shotgun!

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couple-photos-in-cape-town-part-3_072 couple-photos-in-cape-town-part-3_069 couple-photos-in-cape-town-part-3_068 couple-photos-in-cape-town-part-3_067 couple-photos-in-cape-town-part-3_066 couple-photos-in-cape-town-part-3_071


7.  Oudekraal Nature Reserve

Oudekraal Nature Reserve near Camps Bay is one of those hidden spots that nobody knows.  As you drive from Camps bay towards Hout Bay, pass the Twelve Apostles Hotel and then you will see the sign posts from Oudekraal on the right.

The Nature Reserve is set right on the sea and has little paths winding through the milkwood forest that hugs the beach and boulders.  The setting is truly unique and unlike any of the other beach locations we highlighted in this series.  The secluded beach with water lapping the small sandy strip will transport you to somewhere in paradise.  Then there’s also the spectacular view of Lions Head from the top of the boulders.  This is one of my personal favourite spots in Cape Town, if not South Africa!

Oudekraal closes the gates at 6pm, so make sure you time your couple photoshoot well.

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couple-photos-in-cape-town-part-3_080 couple-photos-in-cape-town-part-3_081 couple-photos-in-cape-town-part-3_082 couple-photos-in-cape-town-part-3_083where-to-take-couple-photos-in-cape-town-part-236_ where-to-take-couple-photos-in-cape-town-part-235_ where-to-take-couple-photos-in-cape-town-part-234_ where-to-take-couple-photos-in-cape-town-part-233_ where-to-take-couple-photos-in-cape-town-part-232_ where-to-take-couple-photos-in-cape-town-part-231_


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