Wedding by Aleit – II

Arabella Hotel & Spa

I don’t know how we worked without Pocket Wizards before! These little devices plug into your camera and flash, then enable you to control a remote flash via radio signal while it is off the camera. So for the shot above, I had my assistant stand about 3 meters to the left of the couple and then used Photoshop to take her out of the shot afterwards.

But let’s not get carried away with the technical stuff! This is Part 2 of Johnny & Grace’s wedding at Arabella Hotel & Spa. Some of the best conditions I have had at a couple shoot of late.  Who said a golf course is a boring backdrop for a photo shoot!

See Part 1 of this wedding.

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Photos by Stefan Steenkamp & Inecke de Kock

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The Details

Cake: Nelle Cakes Hiring: Top Table and In and Out Events
Flowers: Aspen & Co Make-up: Le Look
Live Music: Simply Four DJ: DJ Kenny
Hiring: Something Different Lighting Hiring: Presentation Staging Audio Visual