The Plantation Wedding

Cascade Manor

On 22nd of December 2010 I shot my first wedding at The Plantation Wedding Venue in Port Elizabeth…  Exactly one year later, on the 22nd of December 2011, I did another wedding at the same venue – kinda freaky…  But lets not get that deep.

I’m just glad I got a booking in PE over Christmas – perfect opportunity to trek the whole family down to the friendly city to spend the festive season with the in-laws!  Over the years I’ve grown quite fond of Port Elizabeth – such a chilled and laid back city…

Pierre (a Frenchy) and Annabelle (South African) lives in Australia and planned the whole event from down under.  From my perspective they did a fab job!  Not to count out the friendly planning staff at the Plantation for their input!

And if you wondered about the 22nd of Dec this year…  nope not another PE wedding… already booked for a wedding at Beloftebos…

Photos by Stefan Steenkamp & Estefania Romero

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