Wedding Photos Tips for Brides

Part 1

It baffles me that some brides will pull out all the stops (and spend ridiculous amounts of money) to look their best, only to hire a below-par photographer to document the event???

If there is one thing you should not cut on, it’s the photos!   Book the very best photographer for the style you love – even if it breaks the bank!  This you will never regret!  For goodness sake….  It is the most important day of your life!

But don’t think you can hand it all over to the photographer…  There’s a lot you can do yourself to pull off that perfect look.   In the next 3 posts, I will share a few tips and secrets that will not only make you look like a million dollars, but also help with self confidence in front of the camera.

Our 3-part series of top tips for brides covers the full A to Z of getting to look your best in your wedding photos!

Part 1 – Importance of a pre-wedding shoot and health & beauty tips

Part 2 – Advice for the bridal preparations and group & family photos

Part 3 – Posture, Composure and Posing & Couple Shoot

by Stefan Steenkamp

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Book a Pre-Wedding Couple shoot:

  1. Book a pre-wedding shoot with your photographer – This is paramount!  It gives you the opportunity to see how the photographer works and for you to get comfortable in front of the camera.
  2. This session will be even more valuable for your husband-to-be.  Most guys are quite camera shy and feel awkward when photographed.   It can be a great confidence builder for them when they see the end results – Face it, half your couple photos will also have him in it!
  3. The poses and type of photos taken in this session are very similar to those that will be taken during your couple shoot on the wedding day.   During the E-session the photographer will give you valuable posing pointers that will help you best show off those curves;  also sure enough, he will notice your better side and those angles that flatter you most.
  4. Getting these photos before the wedding day will not only put your mind at ease about making the right choice, but also highlight things you might want to change or bring to the attention of the photographer.



Get that Body into shape:

  1. Don’t overuse the sunbed!  Sunbed tans tend to be yellow and over doing it will ruin your photos!
  2. Watch your diet in the months leading up to the wedding – no no no, I am not referring to your weight – rather your skin.  A good healthy diet without a sugar and chocolate overdose will ensure beautiful and smooth skin.  Photoshop is advanced when it comes to smoothing skin, but most photographers charge extra to re-touch photos.
  3. Do not have a facial 3 days before the wedding – facials help with opening the pores, and can cause your skin to break out.
  4. Drink lots of water in the week running up to the wedding – this will purify the skin and avoid breakouts when the stress levels rise before and on the wedding day.
  5. Invest in a personal trainer – Not all of us have the same levels of self motivation and discipline.  It just helps having another person motivate you and helping you to get to the gym.  If you have a target weight, your trainer will not only help you get there, but also help you get that toned look!
  6. Do not amputate your small toe to fit into your wedding shoes – it’s a joke, but it has been done!  Bottom line, do not go to far extremes – It should be the real you in the photos and not some pumped up Barbie doll.

Part 2 of this 3-part series will cover the do’s and don’t of the bridal preparations as well as the perfect formula for those epic group and family photos.Finally Part 3 discusses posture, composure and posing – a brides guide to looking her best in the couple photos


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