Wedding Photos Tips – How to pose

Part 3

If you’ve read the other two posts in this series, you’re already 70% there.  But we’ve left the best for last – Posing in general and advice for the couple shoot – Tips that will make you look like a super model!

To pose comes naturally for most women – but there are still some obvious mistakes that are often made.  We’ve put together a few handy suggestions and easy-to-follow advice that will help enhancing your overall look on the wedding day.

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by Stefan Steenkamp


Posing in General

  1. Golden Rule – Be comfortable in whatever position the photographer asks you to pose – If you’re not, adjust your position until you are – If you are uncomfortable, then the photos will reflect it!
  2. Stand flat – look fat!  Never stand square to the camera.  Put one shoulder a bit forward and turn the hips when posing.  The slight angle will accentuate the hips and make your body look like that of Kate Moss.
  3. A sexy look out of the corner of the eye does much more for me than a flat face, square to the lens.  So point your nose away from the camera and then look in the direction of the photographer.
  4. Unless told otherwise, always shift more weight to one leg – this will help with relaxing and create better posture and curves.
  5. Pull that stomach in – chest out – shoulders back – long neck.  Nothing worse than a slouching bride.  Get that regal look going!
  6. A hand in the hip will make the waist look thinner, but beware – put your hand too high up and you will look like a contortionist.


Couple Photos

  1. Take an extra pair of comfortable shoes with.  Us crazy photographers will make you trek through vineyards and fields – rather do it in something comfy than in high heels and blame us  afterwards for ruining your Jimmy Choo’s.
  2. Do not bother about the dress too much – Yes, I know it costs a fortune, but you will probably wear it only once, so wear it well!  Chances are that it will get dirty before the night is out, so you will have to get it dry cleaned in any case.  By the time the couple shots are taken, the formal ceremony and family shots are over and only the reception lies ahead.  Guess what… In most cases the reception is dark, so even if you do pick up a dirty spot or smudge, you will be the only one to know!
  3. Go wild and listen to the photographer – the better he feels, the better shots you will get.  If you moan and groan about things he suggests it will upset his/her rhythm and drain his creative juices – big no-no.
  4. Compliment you hubby on the way he looks – for most men this photo-taking business is quite foreign – Distract his attention with a naughty pinch to the bum or give him some hints of what you have planned for when the night is over – I guarantee you these tactics will get that natural look and smile out of him.
  5. Take a bridesmaid along on the couple shoot.  She can keep a good eye on your hair and make-up and double up as a packhorse when you don’ t need your veil, bouque t and glass of bubbly anymore.
  6. When asked to walk hand in hand, remember not to look down all the time – look ahead and at each other – and why not give your man a spontaneous kiss on the cheek – he’ll probably respond by grabbing you and giving you a nice smoocher (photographers drool over natural stuff like this).

OK, now its your time to go and practice these suggestions in front of the mirror…  Perfect them to ensure stunning photoson your wedding day!


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