Anna-Belle goes north

Paris, France

“Oh Paris je vous aime!”

About 3 months ago a Facebook Fan of ZaraZoo, Jan van Schaik, told me about Anna-Belle, a dress made by Cape Town designer Stefania Morland.   The decision to get involved was a no-brainer…  The concept was fantastic!   Stefania made a dress that would travel the world and be shot by photographers around the globe.

So when I set of for my short Europe trip earlier this month, Anna-Belle came with!  First stop, Paris – Our model, the gorgeous Madri, Swanepoel.  Ohlala!!!!

The moment I first laid eyes on Anna-Belle, her personality was evident…  A free spirit, girly dress with no boundaries.  

The Eiffel Tower & the famous Prism at the Louvre museum was the obvious choice to show off Anna-Belle in Paris, a city that oozes Anna-Belle.

Next up, London – shoot already done – it has more of a fashion feel that shows of the versatility of this dress.   Get back to our blog on Thursday next week when Anna-Belle’ s London Experience will go live.

And in less than a week….  Lets just say “Mamma Mia Anna-Belle”

Read more about Anna-Belle on the Stefania Morland Blog.

Photos by Stefan Steenkamp


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